Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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DEPENDENCY LAW The revolution to come .   Rafael Olivares Seguí.
If the stone hits the pitcher....   Eduardo Espert.
Retired people from eight countries debate about the important topics of the world of pensions..   Ruth Rebert y Christa Saia.
A VISION OF SPAIN.   Luis A. Tena Orduña.
Retired people in Spain .   Enrique Peidro Albaladejo.
Old age people are rugs.   Antonio Sirgado Serra.
Something to think about EUROMEETING 2006.   Fernando Boto.
IN LISBON The 10th National “Meeting” of the associates of ANAC .
METZ 2006 General Assembly of the French Federation .
Single tax on individuals The reform to come .   Antonio Lozano Agudo.
LA CORUÑA 2006 The 16th National Convention of the Spanish Federation .
United Kingdom Pensions.    Barry Ingmam.
THE GREY POWER Also known as the citizenship represented by retired people.   Jean Claude Chretien.
European Older Peoples Platform AGE Importance and necessity of an active collaboration.   Franco Salza.
EDITORIAL Classes, ages and generations .
Conclusion of the General Assembly Dependency law for older people .