Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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You cannot buy our votes.   José Roberto López Martínez.
A real social economy of the old age.   J. C. Chretien.
The Third Age : Colud it be the golden Age?.   Franco Salza.
The European platform AGE.   Franco Salza.
Is there a FUTURE?.
Work programme for AGE: May 2002-April 2003.
PENSIONS CRISIS.   Barry Ingham.
XV National Congress of the French Federation .
Euromeeting 2002 (Peñíscola Castellón).   Ruth Rebert y Christa Saia.
National Council of the Elderly in Spain.
A Residential home for the elderly.   Eduardo Espert.
First results of a dream.   Roberto Colom y José Ramón Yébenes.
THE FRENCH-GERMAN EUROMEETING about the reform of the retirement systems.   J. C. Chretien.
Chart of Rights of the Elderly.
New technologies help to improve elderly’s sight.   María José Sánchez Castro.
VIII National «Encontro» of ANAC Members.
A future for all, or a future for nobody.   Diego Carrasco Eguino.
Group news.
It is not that old, but it has a long and brilliant record .
Sweden in the Group.   Wilhelm Lemchen.