Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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Not eurosceptical nor europassive.   José Roberto López Martínez.
Means' Cuisine.   Diego Carrasco Eguino.
Societies put aging to the test.   Jean Claude Chretien.
The Group in the Europe of the 25 And now?.   Antonio Serra.
Pensioners on the march.   Barry Ingham.
New Swedish pensions system.   Wilhelm Lemchen.
Lost thoughts of a grandmother thinking about her great-great-grandchildren....   Victoria Lopesino.
The Reason of the German social reform.   Eduardo Espert.
1st european elderlies congress.
Key issues for AGE in EU Policy Coordination on Pensions.   Michael Teit Nielsen.
14th Assembly of the Spanish Federation.
General Assembly of the European Platform AGE.
Pensions in Italy.   Franco Salza.
Euromeeting 2004: Salou.   Ruth Rebert y Christa Saia.
Elderlies and discrimination in the workplace because of age.