Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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Golden Solidarity.   Diego Carrasco Eguino.
To the European Retirement.   Jean-Claude Chretien.
Our Group’s Initiatives.   José Roberto López.
Debate on pensions.   José Lidón Meseguer.
The European Union and its Constitution.   Antonio Serra.
High time for the balance.
No flour, no bread.   Eduardo Espert.
Ageing population.   Franco Salza.
VI Elderly Organisations’ National Congress in Spain.
Statement from Lemchen in Mallorca.   Wilhelm Lemchen.
Our dream came true.   Ruth Rebert y Christa Saia.
20º World Congress of Savings Banks.
EUROMEETING 2004 Appointment in Salou (Tarragona) -Dorada Coast.
On the Way Back to Future.   Jean Variout.
XVI Congress of the French Federation.
XIII Spanish Federation General Meeting.
1st Meeting of the Italian Federation.
«GOLDEN CLAUSE» in the social protection system of the italian credit sector.   Franco Salza.
CRISIS - what crisis?.   Barry Ingham.