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The Theatre Group of the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA) was founded more than 20 years ago. Since the beginning, at the end of 1976, the main objective has been, besides developing an activity that all the components of the group love, to bring all kinds of people closer to the theatre, specially those who do not attend regularly theatre spectacles.


In order to do so, they have made use of humour, and they have always tried to select uncomplicated plays, although of great quality, that could attract the spectators to these performances, allowing them to free themselves from certain doubts that would prevent them from seeing more complicated plays.


The stagings are always physical, artistic, classical; they avoid intentionally that which is figurative, virtual. That is how they stress the importance of professionalism, discipline, rigour in theatre, the starting point for improvisation, impact or artistic talent.



The group is formed, basically, by actors and actresses members of the Group of Enterprise of CECA. In general all of them have a wide experience in theatre, specially those who have been part of the group since the beginning, besides their extraordinary vocation. Without this, they could not have been able to achieve the production of 23 theatre plays and 11 short plays (sainetes –comedy sketches– and entremeses –interludes) in this period of time that they are now celebrating.


They have performed for Residences for the elderly, primary schools, high schools, cultural centres and Savings Banks.



Victoria Lopesino

Vicepresident of JUBICECA (Madrid)