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The Spanish Confederation of Associations of the Elderly (CEOMA) was constituted on 1 December 1999. The signature of the foundational act took place in one of the rooms of the Parliament in Madrid. CEOMA is a confederated and intersectorial organization, nationwide, constituted for the service, coordination, promotion, representation, study and defence of the interests of the elderly. Its basic principles are the respect for the autonomy of the organizations that are part of it, pluralism and independence from the Administration and political parties.


More than fifteen Federations, Associations and Organizations of the Elderly constitute this nationwide confederation. Among them, the Federation of Associations of Retired Staff and Pensioners from Spanish Confederated Savings Banks, two members of which are part of the new Management Board.





Vicente Herrero Herrero

Chairman of the Federation of Retired Employees and Pensioners

of the Confederate Savings Banks (Spain)