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The Group of Retired Staff from European Savings Banks is calling for the seventh Euromeeting. It will be held 8-15 May in ISDABE (International Residence for Savings Banks), the information of which appears in the advertisement of page 12 in this magazine.


What is a Euromeeting? It is different things at the same time:

1.- Meetings of colleagues, with simultaneous translation, in which issues of general interest for the European retired people are studied and debated. This year we expect representatives from other European organisations to attend, in order to create an important platform which will work to achieve more attention to the elderly in Europe.

2.- During our spare time, and again with the help of interpreters, we will have European soirées. That way we will enjoy a familiar and pleasant atmosphere where there will be no strangers, resulting in interesting issues and ideas that will be discussed and debated in this Euromeeting or in the next ones.

3.- Cultural tourism routes, of quality, full board, tourist visits and interesting shows included. The European Group hires hotels, restaurants, buses, guides and cultural tourism visits, interpreters, shows and the rest of services. Due to the great number of people attending, we get great quality and good prices.


Many colleagues already know the Costa del Sol, and this is the reason why we have prepared a different programme from another years. For all those who do not know Andalusia yet there will be optional excursions to Granada, Sevilla, Gibraltar, Marbella, Ronda, Mijas, and so on.


We will have the opportunity to visit the School of Equestrian Art Costa del Sol, and to attend a show directed by Mr. Álvaro Domecq Romero, where we will be able to see a sample of the purest equestrian tradition in Andalusia, with an original choreography and a very good musical selection that will make this show become an unforgettable experience.