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15% of families’ expenses is supported by the elderly, who every year guarantee a contribution of 82,630 million euros to consummation, according to the 4th Annual Report 'Being old today', presented in Riva del Garda (Trento), October 5, by the Association '50 & più Fenacom Commercio'.


As Nadio Delai, manager of Ermeneia (the company which made the report), explained, data show 'a great economic power of the elderly, who do not only consume and invest in themselves, but also allow their families, with direct economic help, to spend great amounts.' The report has provided evidence that between 60% and 70% of the Italian elderly contribute money for their adult children’s daily expenses, and almost 80% contributes money for their grandchildren. Lastly, between 15% and 22% of the elderly contribute money for business projects of their adult children and grandchildren.