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FROM this publication, we have always fought against that social vice of 'our people', and we have stated that 'our people' are all. We keep doing this, but it is clear that for this affirmation to become real, it is necessary, first of all, the existence of some equality criteria, that will include and define these 'all' in the same way. We will create a homogeneous group that will be the answer to our aspiration when young and old, men and women, workers and pensioners, will possess rights and duties that will make us socially equal; in that way, no group or sector will be dominant, or worse, overbearing, as far as the rest of the people are concerned. And, especially, when talking about primary and fundamental rightsduties: social representation capacity, necessary economic base, access to official institutions, respect for the common and distinctive features, suitable social attention, and so on.


It happens that, whenever we talk about the elderly, there are many different 'clans': banks, education, commerce, construction, etc., and all of them defend themselves as they can, individually, and they do not see that divided they annul and stagnate each other. But, where is the unifying agent that is able to combine wills and achieve the necessary efficacy and operating capacity? There are attempts, suggestions, offers. Some of these suggestions could become a suitable meeting point. Maybe. But in or out of some organisations, the most important thing is to achieve a collective awareness, to face the evidence that the common factor that identifies us is to have had a professional life, a professional base that, in some way, has made us become what we are, and that we are not living it anymore. Due to our convenience or to the law, the fact is that, more or less educated, younger or older, we are jubilados, retraités, aposentados, jubilierten, pensionati, retired people... A fact with many names that define one reality: we are a real social class. A class very 'sui generis' that covers all the social classes that used to define the conventional classism, which practically does not exist in our time.


But it is true that social classes have represented a decisive factor in history. Last century would be empty if we erased the role played by the working class. Before that, the medium class was the key during the industrialisation and creation of the business world. Nowadays, as the JUBILAR class, at the dawn of the 21st century, we possess a great potentiality, economic and social, and if we were able to achieve the necessary union, we would also have a political potentiality. If the proposed unifying factor works in the future, they will have to take us into account, and that will be very good. It will be good because it will stop the current waste of energy and experiences; it will be good because it will bring a more reasonable structuration of the economic and social process; it will be good because it will make easier the intergenerational relationships; lastly, it will be good because it will be fair.


At the moment, we are walking towards the meeting point. We have to tell the others, those many others, that we are waiting for them there.