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There are different kinds of possible Europes: one belonging to the banks, one belonging to trade which will mainly be led following the interests of these sectors, a Europe with a tremendous democratic and social deficit without a popular support; a Europe lead by non-European standards. The progressive parties want a people’s Europe, anchored in the popular masses, a non-functional Europe, completely democratic, and made of peace and solidarity in which the people can identify themselves.

The population pyramid of Europe underlines a significant and progressive reduction in birth during the last 45 years. The population of Europe clearly tends to reduce because of the increasing ageing population, if we do not take into account the important migration flows in the next decades. I will talk about those risks later on.

To have communitarian personalism, we have to work for it. There is no need to argue if it is necessary to engage ourselves because we all know that we are already engaged and involved and that abstention is the illusion created by selfishness. We will then talk about what we are able to do and change our daily, private and political, personal and common choices, because the future of the human being will depend on it, and on nothing else. Everyone knows the current situation of our world, a terminal crisis situation in all fronts and latitudes whose consequences can now no longer be hidden. We had enough looking at Europe, at its thousands of rebels or at the 49 million of poor from the first American power; we had enough thinking of the conflict between the Arabic people; we had enough seeing increasingly huge numbers that move the business of arms, war, drugs and human trafficking in the whole world; we had enough going over the global economy controlled without limit by the financial speculation, while in various countries of our planet, thousands of children die of hunger and illnesses caused by overcrowding and malnutrition; we had enough of the ostentatious types of genocide encouraged by pro-abortive policies or of the multimillion-worth business of the genetic engineering; we had enough stopping being blind during and extreme situation of social, cultural, psychological, industrial vulnerability and inequality of thousands of men and women creating their own history.

And behind these nonsense, atrocities, and immoralities of our time, there is always a human choice and an act that shows our sovereign freedom. If we add on to this the famine that exists in a lot of countries, we will see the detonator explode which will make people emigrate to other European countries they consider as the Promised Land where they will find the answer to all of their problems.

The landscape described is therefore not a simple pessimistic memorandum of complaints, disasters and misfortunes, it tells us something more, it makes us more aware, it forces us to admit that for the pain of flesh and blood “you”, the entire humanity is brought together in my heart and my conscience warns me that I am a vital part of it. Pain reveals and uncovers reality, it draws back the veils of ignorance, indifference and dislike. This reveals a humanity that has recognised the human rights, however more in their forums and laws rather than in the facts, but that has not known the human duties, which make us realize the responsibility we have for the other, and this has to come from oneself.

The responsibility is accomplished when respect is really expressed, when it is real and not false and it can only be so through the terrestrial needs of the human being. To our great pleasure we must take into account that there is an increase in solidarity that appears in the global horizon at the same time as an increase of awareness. Respecting the human being, its neighbour, the other, and the you, does not only mean that we need to stop to be or alleviate our needs with solidarity or with grants, it means we have to create political, social and cultural conditions, a good training, a loving environment, some material conditions of dignity, etc. to completely assume the path you need to take to enhance your personalisation, maturity as a person, fulfil your life, realise yours dreams, loves, vocation…

In the great concert of humanity, we all need of one another and the behaviour and conscience of each person affects other people who are either close or further away, including those that live in a marginal situation of violence and dislike.

As I mentioned before, famine exists in certain countries and the political situation has influenced the migration flows. Immigration in Spain is quite varied but it is more present in areas with a similar culture. In Spain, most of the immigrants come from South America, then comes those from the European Union and North of Africa, then from Europe not part of the EU, Sub-Saharan Africa, Far East, Indian sub-continent, North America and the Philippines.

We will go on by looking at the information given by the National Statistics Institute of Spain that shows that there has been more deaths than births. The last report published shows a negative vegetative increase that will exceed the deaths in 2753 from the number of births in 2015, a situation that was not produced since 1941. This situation is due to two reasons; the reduction of the number of women in age to be mothers and the economic crisis that makes parents have children later. The first victims would be the families, thus classes would be emptied, there would be a greater economic setback with an increase in unemployment, taxes would be increased for workers to keep passive classes, etc.

Climate change and natural disasters that kill thousands of people and animals are caused by men. Massive deforestation in tropical rainforests underline the importance of trees for the human being, we breathe the air they produce, they clean our pollution and carbon emissions, they collect and purify water, they provide medicine that cures our illnesses and food that feeds us. The future is becoming dark for the next generation, let’s hope that the omen that some people and Organisations predict, do not happen.

From all this we can conclude that the situation is complicated and that its solution is not easy. The society is worried about what will be left for the next generations. It would not be encouraging if each and every one of us do not change our behaviour. We need to put forward the common good rather than the individual.

Domingo Pérez Auyanet
President of the Association of retired workers of Caja Insular Savings Bank of the Canary Islands