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EUROMEETING 2016 – from 13 to 20 of May

Tuscany became a political identity when it was geographically and culturally already so; from the 15th century, when Florence started its expansion with the conquest of Pisa in 1405 and Livorno in 1421. Siena joined in 1555.

Inhabited by the Etruscan, the Tuscany joined definitively Rome at the end of the 9th century B. C. Its name comes from “Tusci”, which means Etruscan. Due to its geolocation, the Etruscans experienced the riots that hit the roman republic very up close, as well as the Roman Empire and even the barbarian kingdoms. In 1860, it became part of the Kingdom of Italy after a plebiscite.

We will meet in this beautiful and culturally important region for the 22nd Euromeeting. We will know its culture, its green landscapes, its vineyards and wines (especially the “Chianti” and the “Vino Nobile di Montepulciano”), the gastronomy and its delicious cold meats.

As usual, the Board of Directors, the Delegates Meeting, the Work and Study Group (GET), which will draw up the conclusions’ summary about the debated topic, will take place, as well as the General Plenary Assembly, where the speeches from all countries will be presented and where everyone will be able to express its opinion freely.

Our “cultural schedule” includes a full-day trip in Florence, another full-day in Asís and Perugia, and a half-day trip in Siena. The “gastronomic and landscape schedule” includes half-day visits to the Lake Trasimeno, to Orvieto and to Montepulciano and Pienza.

The city of Florence (capital of the Tuscany) does not need any presentation because it is the cradle of the Italian Renaissance and the centre of Giotto, Michelangelo and Da Vinci’s painting among others.
Asís is the San Francisco de Asís and Santa Clara’s birthplace, where peace and calmness emerges. The city is considered World Heritage by the UNESCO. In Perugia we will have the chance to taste its famous chocolate, as well as to visit the most representative monuments.

Siena is not only known for the Palio (a famous horse race that ends in the beautiful Piazza del Campo), but also for its Cathedral (or Duomo) that we will visit, its historical town, also declared World Heritage by the UNESCO.
The rural Tuscany, with the good wine and good gastronomy will be discovered during the half-day trips to Orvieto, to the Lake of Trasimeno and especially in the visit to Montepulciano and Pienza (small villages where the excellent Nobile wine and the delicious cold meats and ham can be tasted and bought).

With this previous information we just want you to highlight the dates from the 13th to the 20th of May 2016 on your calendar to assist to the 22nd Euromeeting in order to meet again all the friends from every different participant countries.

We are waiting for you in the Tuscany (Italy).

Cândido Vintém (President); Jean Claude Chrétien and Francisco Ramírez Munuera (Vice-presidents)