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Europe must stay united

This year’s edition of the newsletter comes at a time when Europe is having to face some difficult challenges and for which it does not seem to have the capacity to respond.

As the European Union still does not have its own voice, the events happening at its borders (or further afield) are yet to receive an effective response.

The events occurring in Ukraine, a country which is preparing to become part of the European Union, highlight that the understanding among countries is not an easy task. The history of the E.U. still carries weight and the decisions made in its name are still characterised by this long historical tradition.

In a recent visit to the Baltic countries, which were once part of the former Soviet Union (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), I had the opportunity to exchange ideas and feelings with some of their citizens. It is clear to see that the situation in Ukraine is being closely watched, especially by Lithuania.

However, the decisive action taken by the European Union is also reflected in the measures which are being taken in the West in response to threats occurring in distant countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, etc.

In short, there is one country which is at the head of all these matters, it is none other than the United States and also, on a smaller scale, some European countries which, one way or another, take their own political positions, leaving aside the rest of the Member States which should also be part of all decisions adopted by the E.U.

Only when the leaders of the "Distant Europe", in other words, Brussels or Strasbourg, find the courage to adopt a solid, global and independent position, bearing in mind the specific characteristics of the "Old Continent", will we be able to talk of a true European Union.
The feeling of belonging to a place is decisive in the life of humanity, just how history has shown us throughout the years, it should be the defining element which reveals the United Europe desired by us all

I believe that our generation is having an important role in a historical legacy which is dramatically showing where "our space" is taking us. This situation should be used as a foundation for the European Union to realise the social reality it is undergoing and that not everything  comes down to economic reality.

Our Euromeetings give us the chance to express our opinions freely, reaching agreements and conclusions consented by us all. This is an example of how the European Institutions should work in order to transform a Mosaic Europe into a United Europe.