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From a certain height,
As if from the seventh heaven…
Gone was the immensity,
Replaced by a calming delight,
I could see eternal snow
 In the distant mountains.

 Beautiful Golden beach,
Ancient Paradise,
With the Sohail Castle,
As a tangible guard,
From the rising
and always luminous sun…

White village.
Fuengirola, “the Andaluz”.
Queen of light!
Today and yesterday,
You still make us reignite.

 Fuengirola of sensations,
Dearest Fuengirola,
Make our time here,
of enchanting moments,
Affable memories
 of undeniable friendship,
As your gentle sea,
 Of unique blue

 To you, Fuengirola,
A big thank you…
As we said
To our neighbouring friends
-our European cousins-.
Determined artisans
Of applied afternoons.
Wonderful companions
Of our happy time spent together…

 You have made of us,
In the past, present,
 Future and forever,
Happy birds from Paradise…

                                    Fuengirola, 6th and 7th May, 2014.
                                    Free translation of the poem “Souvenirs de Fuengirola” by Georges VALLADE
                                    (French Delegation)