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The National French Federation of Retired Workers of Savings Banks held its 26th meeting in LILLE, in CONVENTION CENTER LILLE GRAND PALAIS, on 19th, 20th and 21st SEPTEMBER 2013, on occasion of the invitation by Mrs. Françoise HAUTECOEUR, President of the Regional Federation in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, under the presidency of Mr. Jean–Yves MARTIN, National President.

The Managing Board and the Federal Council met on Thursday 19th. At the end of the afternoon, the 200 delegates who participated in the event were welcomed by Mrs. Marie-Christine Staniec-Wavrant, Deputy Mayor and Delegate of the Regional Council for the Elderly in Lille Town Hall, where they were offered a welcome cocktail.

The next day, Friday 20th, the General Assembly took place with the participation of:

-    Mr. Bernard CHARLES, representative of Lille Town Hall.
-    Mr. Alain DENIZOT, President of the Directory of Nord-France-Europe Savings Bank.
-    The Human Resources Manager of Nord-France-Europe Savings Bank.
-    Mr. Thierry BODSON, Institutional Animation Director of Nord-France-Europe Savings Bank.
-    Mr. Jean Claude CHRETIEN, 1st Vice president of the European Group.
-    Mr. Herve TILLARD, President of Bpce Insurance Company.
-    Mr. Eric LELAY, Director of Ecureuil Social Protection.
-    Mrs. Watine, President of Lens-Lièvin Tourism Office.

The delegates from the 19 regions in France, who represent the 6,000 affiliates in the Federation, discussed topical issues during these days, and mainly focused in:

-    The economic and financial crisis and its consequences: reduction of purchasing power and increase of taxes.
-    Pension reforms.
-    Management of retirement pension rights for retired workers of Savings Banks.
-    Social protection within the national framework and its direct consequences in the supplementary healthcare schemes of Savings Banks workers.

In a complicated social environment, full of obstacles faced by everyone in this crisis period, delegates showed their determination to fight against inequality and injustice by strengthening all the measures and initiatives with the purpose of increasing solidarity with the most vulnerable citizens.

To finish with the 26th General Assembly, the Resolution Commission has asked to strengthen relationships with managing positions in savings banks to obtain a representation in the Administrative Board in our Pensioners Savings Bank to have an active participation in the evolution of performances proposed by Savings Bank Insurance Company and in the framework of intergenerational solidarity.


Jean-Claude Chrétien intervened on behalf of the European Group. This year, as he promised 3 years ago, left his position and handed over the presidency of the Group to Cândido Vintém, President of ANAC and the Portuguese Federation.

Our friend wants to keep on encouraging this favourable environment created little by little to continue with the Group, apart from strengthening the development of the European spirit, present since its creation.


Jean Claude Chrétien told us the Euro encounter this year was held in Tossa de Mar. During the days of this Annual Meeting planned sessions took place, such as the Delegates Assembly and the Plenary Assembly. The main issue to discuss this year was: How will Europe get out of the crisis and what will be the role of retired persons in the future?


Jean-Claude CHRETIEN reminded us that the Group is a member of AGE PLATFORM, the platform for the elderly in Brussels, since 2001. The General Assembly gathered the representatives of the 167 partner organizations of AGE on 16th and 17th May.
The meeting concluded with the agreement on a declaration in which European and national politicians are urged to take initiatives and invest to create structures adapted to the necessities of all ages and different persons.

Euromeeting 2014 will take place near Málaga, in Southern Spain, between May 2nd and 9th.

Francis Bizard