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As it is usual in Euromeetings, the planned work sessions for making decisions regarding European Group management took place in Tossa de Mar from the 19th to the 26th April during the 19th Meeting, apart from the recreational and fellowship component shared among all the countries´ delegations. This year, decisions were especially important due to modifications in the composition of  its management body. Meetings were held for the Study and Work Group (SWG) , the Administrative Board, the General Assembly  and the Plenary Assembly.


Work sessions started on Saturday, the first day, with the SWG meeting, where the summary document was made from the recurrent concerns in interventions by delegates present in Lisbon Euromeeting about “the Financial Crisis and the Elderly”. After writing the document summarizing the conclusions on this topic, it will be submitted to AGE Platform that will bring it to the EC Commissioner for Social Affairs.


The meeting of the Administrative Board took place on Monday 22. Account Statements for 2012 were approved, the financial situation was discussed, the budget proposal for 2013 was presented and President´s Jean Claude Chrétien  activity report was analysed.


Later the same day the General Assembly took place with the attendance of the delegates chosen by the countries in the European Group , the same documents and issues were discussed and the budget for 2013 was presented.
On Wednesday 24, at 16:00, The Plenary Assembly was held. During this meeting the president´s activity report was read and the issue “How will Europe get out of the crisis and what will be the role of retired persons in the future” was debated.
The papers presented by the representatives of the participant countries reflected on the perspectives and the different approaches to the problems tormenting Europe, but the majority focused on their own contries´ difficulties.

Our guest, Mr. Dominique Christian, a French philosopher, who has a long university career and worked in many countries including China, the place where he is living now, presented a paper related to Europe and its Crises over the centuries.
A debate with the attendants followed, and many questions regarding the general situation of retired persons in different European countries were made. During this Euromeeting, resignations of President Jean Claude Chretien and vicepresident Jose Barbera Blesa, planned since 2011, were also confirmed. Candido Vintem, previous Portuguese vice president of the group was proposed by the resigning President and accepted as President of the European Group.
Regarding vice presidencies, assumed by France and Spain, Jean Claude Chretien was appointed as first vice president along with Francisco Ramirez. Cremilda Cabrito, delegate of the Portuguese delegation and the first woman to take this position, was appointed a member of the Council and assistant to presidency. Positions of our friends Antonio Díez, from Spain (secretary) and Francis Bizard, from France (assistant secretary) were maintained.

Carlos Garrido (Delegate in the Assembly)