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The French National Federation of Pensioners of Saving bank celebrated its 24º National Meeting in TOURS to borders of the Loire, on 8, 9 and 10 September 2011, at the invitation of the Regional President Michel PAGEAULT (member of the National Federal Council), under the presidency of Jean Yves MARTIN, National President.
The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors met on 8 September.
The General Assembly took place on 9 September with the participation of:

  • Mrs Arlette BOSCH, the deputy mayor of Tours.
  • Mr. Stéphane PIVERT, Secretary-General of the Savings bank of LOIRE-CENTRE.
  • Mr. Jean Louis HEBERT, old member of the French National Centre of Savings banks, President of the Association of the History of the Savings banks in France.
  • Mr. Hervé TILLARD, President of the Mutual National of Savings banks responsible of the health services addressed to the Groupe Caisse d'Epargne.
  • Mr. Jean Claude CHRÉTIEN President of the European Group.

The participants, 200 delegates coming from 19 different regions, that represent the 5600 affiliates in that the Federation counts, approached throughout these two days, subjects concerning mainly the Social Protection. The delegates are conscious that the world financial and economic crisis generate and bring a social crisis that strikes in particular to weakest and poorest. The delegates showed their determination to encourage solidarity whatever form, as much within the national level as in the Group of Savings banks. In the last proposal, a real “road map” for the Federation, underlined its determination to fight against the inequalities and the injustices that encourage the reappearance of the poverty of the people already marginalized before the crisis.

Constructive and lively discussions at the same time spoke about:

The retirement, the future and the consequences of the 2010 reform,

  • The maintenance of the distribution regime and the search of the management balance a medium and long term threat.
  • The reform consequences and the amendment of the age of retirement - The difficulty notion.
  • The intergenerational solidarity.

The complementary health protection:

  • The concerns that arise about the financing of the disease branch of the Social Security.
  • The taxation and the future of the complementary mutual health society.
  • The benefits and quotes of the mutual Savings bank.

The pensioners’ citizenship.

The delegates claim again the pensioners presence on the board of management of the complementary pensioners to the Savings bank where coming to decisions that concern them.

The European Group

Jean Claude CHRETIEN, new president of the European Group, after a pertinent analysis of the worldwide crisis insisted on the complementary action between the Group and the AGE PLATFORM, the elderly people European platform. He remembered the essential Group contribution mentioning the syntheses elaborated in Siacca, Albufera, Santander, Toledo and Olbia about the different subjects that affect in the elderly people life, syntheses that were communicated to AGE PLATFORM. His call to the unit of action between the national federations, the Group and the European Platform AGE was retaken in the resolutions section, a real strategic plan of the French Federation for 2011/2012.