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The XII NATIONAL MEETING OF EFFECTIVE PARTNERS, that coincided in 2010 with the commemorations of the ANAC fondation's 25th Anniversary, once again took place as previous years in an convivial and fraternizing environment between colleagues and friends, many of which had worked side by side during many years.

The meeting took place the 2nd of October, in one of the most prestigious cultural centre of Portugal - the Culturgest.
The President of ANAC (Cândido Vintém) gave the start to the works with a speech in honour of the absent partners.
In his name and as representative of the CGD Administration, Mr. Enrique de Melo surprisingly said before a very attentive audience, that “the CGD already has 134 years of history; it’s the greatest and best national bank – the 34th at the world-wide level - and that its prestige was obtained thanks to the devotion of all of us, pensioners and current collaborators”. Then he added: “The Administration is united with this party and will continue to support the ANAC’s initiatives”.

An address of the European Group President (José Roberto López) was read by his Vice-president (Jean-Claude Chrétien). In its honour and because of its importance that address will be summarized at the end of this article.
The end of the of 25th Anniversary’s commemorations was the occasion used to show a slide panel presentation about Association’s history and to remember all the partners who had been part of the diverse governing bodies, since its foundation until now.
In accordance with the “Program”, an excellent afternoon of pleasant varieties shows followed.

We emphasize the participation of the Infantile Folklore Group of the CCR - Cultural and Recreational Centre of Cruzeiro, the “MilCordas” Group, the “Tide of Sounds” Group and the Choral Group of ANAC. One by one, the groups paraded and showed the best of its repertoires.

Note of prominence also deserves the show of several representative artists of the “old Fado of Coimbra”: Luis Goes, Durval Moreirinhas, Carlos Carranca and João Alvarez; the popular music of dueto Rui Nuno (accordion) and its partner Carlos Alberto (viola and voice); and to close, we were gifted with the magnificent exhibition of the Group of Dances of Saloon of the Social Services of the CGD.
After the supper and in a jubilant environment the President of ANAC pronounced the habitual words of farewell.

Summary of the European President Group communication

The main subject of the address was: LEAVING THE CRISIS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY
“In a society where everything is bought and sold, the oldness can become a merchandize as any one.” Norberto Bobbio.
From this idea, on the basis of the three words (crisis, change and poverty=exclusion) Pepe López invited us to think about how the crisis will be able to harness the change that leads us to overcome poverty – in the sense of the lack of representation and freedom and the loss of the social bonds.

We cannot ignore that we are vulnerable. But we also feel as active and optimistic citizens, useful and ready to level the differences between generations and to contribute with our aptitude and effort for a common future. Therefore we reclaim, yes, we reclaim our part and our active presence in the society and in the media that without any doubt we deserve.
The Group keeps living the manifesto of October 31st, 1990 (Brussels’ Declaration), that expresses its collective identity and its social vocation – the reason of our association’s being.

If we only think about an association, we will be a few, but if we think about a Federation, we will be more. If we think about our European Group, established in 1993, that it is a full right member of the European Platform of Aged People (AGE) since its foundation, then we are already we will be 25 million partners.

The AGE Platform congregates the aged people of all sectors, not only the Bank pensioners. And, why it congregates them? ... To obtain a bigger influence on the social processes, of which we participate, and to efficiently cooperate in the conflict resolution and needs, as our needs, although our intervention is sometimes restricted and ignored.

As the time is short, we need to fortify our associations. We have to anticipate and to provide the substitution of its agencies of government, to give them vitality and relevancy with the addition of new associates and to stimulate the participation of all its members. It is a constant challenge to guarantee the public, current and active permanence of our associationism.
He recalls an article of our Euromeeting Magazine written by Pepe Lidón, who was president of the Group, entitled: Joined we can, divided we are ignored. Many more let us be, more attentions will be given to us and more they will attend our claims. Remember that those who lack representation are also poor. He finished the address encouraging the participation in the Olbia Euromeeting – one hundred Portuguese were present in Olbia...