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The Euromeeting is  the annual meeting of our based on a festive concept and the coexistence among friends, but it is also a place for the work as it is in the meetings of the GET (European Group of Work), the Board of Directors and the General Assembly where the management decisions regarding to this Group are taken. There are specially decisions that induce us to perpetuate our active cooperation with AGE Platform Europe, European Platform for elderly people in Brussels. One of our main concern is: to continue with our reneged for the defense of the values that we carry out for years to create an European social area, in which the priority is the defense of the most disadvantaged that are facing the present global crisis.

This Euromeeting had been marked by the death of the practicing President, José Roberto López, eight days for the beginning ours works.
In view of this situation, Jean Claude Chrétien, Vice-President, had to run the meetings. When the Executive Committee met, he decided to present to the Board of Directors and the General Assembly the measures to continue with the work, supported by the dynamism and exerted with energy by José Roberto López and his predecessor, José Lidón.

European Group of Work
In the same way, Jean Claude Chrétien asked for the presence of auditors (that are able to advice) so that all federations and associations would be represented.
GET wrote a resume about the subject introduced by the different countries last year in Toledo: the intergenerational solidarity. This resume will to be handing over the AGE Platform when the General Assembly took place on the 12th and 13th May in Brussels.

Board of Directors
The Board, after approving the General Assembly’s order of the day, began to discuss the part concerning to the statutes.
Election of the President: Jean Claude CHRÉTIEN, first Vice-President, was nominated as a candidate who accepted this mandate for two years, he was elected unanimously. He became in the 4th President of the European Group.
Future projects: Executive Committee made up of three persons with more influence (this possibility is reflected on the statutes, article 18). Distribute the responsibilities and appointment of a secretary for the Executive Committee.
Modification of statutes: gradual introduction from now until 2013 – make up of a project group.
General Assembly
The General Assembly starts with the remembrance of ours two old former presidents.
And now the appointments:
Treasurer: Francisco Ramírez.
Secretary General: Antonio González Díez.
Presentation and adoption of the financial report and activity program.
Speeches of the different member countries about the subject 2011, the pensions in Europe.
Speech from Eduardo Rodríguez Rovira old former President of CEMOS, Spanish Confederation of Third Age People Organisations, about this subject: The agreement for the pension’s reform. A new model?
Future plans: Jean Claude Chrétien presents the future plans that are taken by the Board of Directors
Election of the Executive Committee: CHRÉTIEN (France) President – José BARBERA (Spain) Vice-President – Cândido Trabuco VINTEM (Portugal) Vice-President. Antonio ORTS Secretary of the Executive Committee.
Appointment of the Project Group’s member, due to the modifications of the statutes.
Choice of the place from the Euromeeting 2012: Portugal.

The Euromeeting will not be the same without discovering the countries that receive us.  After Sicily in 2007, we discovered a second island, this time it was Sardinia, beginning with the ports of Costa Esmeralda.
The article from Christa and Ruth Rebert will live you in great detail the tourism program, where friendship and the coexistence were present.