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The lyrics of a Spanish song are true: "Something dies in our soul when a friend goes away forever". Sometimes, life imposes separations that are too quick, but we know in our thoughts the good moments we have shared will always remain. It is very truthful you have left us in body but not in soul.

We will never understand the reasons why you left us, because nobody has never come back from decease to tell us how their new lives were going on, we only have faith and religion.

Dear José Roberto, through these lines I would like to offer you, as a warm tribute, a memory of the beautiful days we have lived and shared, when you were not marked by this cruel final without any return.
My friend, since that you have left us so early, I wish with all my strengh you are now in that space of light, silence and peace where, without a doubt, the good people go. We are staying here, with your memory in our hearts.

When you received the witness from our dear Pepe Lidón (r.i.p), you devoted yourself to the European Association. Until almost your decease, when you were already admitted in hospital, already very ill, you never left aside the work, and you did it almost until the last hour.    I don't want to say my friend died, but a friend was reborned to the eternal life. That is our faith, which leaves us with the expressed affection, the words and the moments we live in each and every memory.

It is our turn to collect the witness our dear friend Pepe has passed on to us, now the components of the Association have the challenge to continue with his work, not to leave it die. This will be the best tribute we could give him.
I am recalling a quote written on a Roman gravestone in the Baths of Caracalla: "I will always remember you, my dear friend, in winter and in summer, being close or far, while I live and afterwards".

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
30th March of 2011