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On October 2nd, the National Association of Retired Workers of the General Deposit Fund (ANAC) held its 12th national meeting as an effective member of the European Association of Retired Workers of Savings Banks. The event was sponsored by the General Deposit Fund (Caixa Geral de Depósitos, CGD).

The meeting was a remarkable excuse to gather together the commemorative celebrations of the 25th anniversary of ANAC, and at a national scale, the first centenary of the Portuguese Republic.

The schedule of activities was also an excellent opportunity for our guests (there were 630 of them, according to our registry) to get together and meet again with old friends, many of which worked side by side during their careers in the CGD. The program was split in two parts.

In the morning, after the deceased members were remembered with a minute of silence, Cándido Vintém, president of ANAC, gave the usual welcome speech for the participants and the activities started in a socially and culturally participative environment.

There were two outstanding interventions during the meeting: Dr Enrique de Melo, Director of the General Deposit Fund, praised the activities developed by ANAC, and Jean Claude Chrétien, vice-president for France in the European Group, highlighted the importance of the AGE Platform Europe, by stating that it complements our group in its defence of the elderly. The activities of AGE in 2009 dealt with the conclusions presented by the European Group in the general assemblies held during the Euromeetings of 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010.

We listened carefully to the reading of a speech entitled From the crisis to the opportunity by our friend José Roberto López, President of the European Group. We look forward to seeing him recovered from his health problems. The speech dealt with the attitude that must be taken to the crisis, in order to improve our situation and not to lose our social bonds. It was highlighted that the manifesto 'Declaration of Brussels' is still alive since its creation on October 31st 1990. We also remembered an article published in the magazine Euromeetings, entitled 'together we can, dispersed we are ignored' stressing the fact that if we all join together, we will be paid attention and our demands will be heard. The meeting finished with an invitation for all the guests to attend the third Euromeeting outside Spain, which will be held the 1st to the 8th April 2011 in OLBIA, in the Italian island of Sardinia.

After a lunch livened up with the performances of several artists, during the evening we enjoyed fado, choirs, dancing and folk music.

October 2nd was a very special day for all the participants in this 12th National Meeting provided by the CGD. Therefore, because of the symbolism of the date it was a memorable demonstration of the vitality of our group.

Aside from this meeting, an executive committee was held with J.C. Chretien by means of the documents provided by J.R. López. During the course of that assembly, the topic proposed for the Euromeeting 2011 in Sardinia (Pensions in Europe) was approved unanimously.