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During the XVI Euromeeting held in Toledo from 9th to 16th 2010, the evening of April 15th was reserved to the General Assembly of the Federation for the Retired and Pensioner Associations from Confederate Savings Banks. A high number of Spanish Savings Banks Associations attended the meeting.

The President of the Federation Luis Antonio Tena Orduña has put forward the activities carried out during the last year after analysing the economic information of the past financial year and analysing the budget for the current one. He emphasized the publication of the first magazine of the Federation and the achievement of an agreement of cooperation with the Institute from Valencia of Deafness GAES.

In the same way, the President issued an appeal for all the Associations of Savings Banks that are integrated so that they contribute basically by means of the economic contribution that is established. In addition, he asked everybody for the active and practical cooperation to be interconnected and linked by giving their e-mail addresses and participating with writing articles for the magazine of the Federation. In the end, the current Management Board was ratified.

Then, the President of the European Group, José Roberto López Martínez, presented a speech about the crisis but from a different point of view, entitled 'From the crisis to the opportunity'. He defined some concepts of crisis from the Spanish Royal Academy dictionary, highlighting the meanings of 'considerable mutation in order to improve or worsen a situation', stressing that we do position our attitude in the concepts of removal and change. He showed the concept of poverty connected with exclusion, stressing that 'the poor are also those who do not have representation and freedom, those who have lost their social links'.

He demanded the prominence and active presence in the society and the media that corresponds us as a group. He also remembered that we keep alive our manifesto of October 31st 1990 'Declaration of Brussels' that today, 20 years later, is still in force. He declared that, protected by the right of freedom of association, we are organized in Associations, Federations and Groups such as our European Group affiliated to the European Platform for the Elderly (AGE) of which we are full members since its foundation and currently has more than 25 000 000 members. The conclusions of the Euromeetings are handed out to AGE, that incorporates them to their work programmes and send them to the European Parliament when it is considered appropriate.

He finished his speech remembering an article of the former President Pepe Lidón, published in the magazine Euromeetings and entitled 'Together we are able, scattered we are ignored', highlighting that the more we are, the more our demands will be considered. The intervention finished with an enthusiastic round of applause from the audience.

To close the event, the second speaker, María Eugenia Polo González, graduated in Journalism by the Pontificial University of Salamanca, Audiovisual Communications by the University of Salamanca and Media Studies by the UPSA, gave a lecture about the need of communication with and of the elderly, which was very interesting and pleasant for all. She stated in her speech: the elderly are the owners of our time; not having time means not having life; we should adapt or perish; how we must live our life; we should be sociable, overcome the adversity and have a positive point of view; it is important to look after our appearance, use the our intelligence, be curious and look for knowledge and have a sense of humour; we have to live completely happy, be able to love and establish a purpose in our life. To sum up: Something to do, something to love, something to wait for. After the applause of the audience, the Assembly was closed.