Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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The economic abuse, though him ready attention, it is more frequent than we can imagine andit is like the financial mistreatment, exploitation or fiduciary, economic or material abuse ” (Hafemeister, 2003), it is also “ the not authorized and inappropriate utilization of the fund, properties or other resources of a major person ” (Stein 1991). Often the aggressor is family or a keeper of the major one and has his money without his assent and forces him to modify the testament or to change name the housing. The persons of age and more particularly more poor are the  most vulnerable, the most exposed to this type of discrimination.


According to the Economical Discrimination of Aged People, the European Group sets out the following proposals


  • That the legislator guard in order that the laws and the bylaws guarantee the economic independence of the persons of age,


  • That one legislates the law of economic protection of the persons of age and that contemplates the figure of the defender of the major one


  • That puts in march on a nourishing life contract for most disinherited so that they could have a life revenue of subsistence 


  • That the pensions of the pensioners and pensioners are revalued in such a way that their level of the acquisitive power is preserved


  • That the resources destined for the pensions are not used for other  ends.


  • To eliminate the discrimination of the age for the obtaining of an employment


·         That the formation continues and the promotion are not affected by the discrimination by age


  • That the absence of economic means for the major persons, does  not prevent or limit the access to the new technologies and to the formation


  • That the absent of economic means in the major persons they are not a limitation for the access to the new technologies and to the formation


·         That the access to the credit facilities has no limit for the major persons


  • That the major persons accede to the assurances without  taking into  account  their age and that the tariffs shall not be prohibitive


That no discrimination exists for the rent of housings to the major persons