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22nd NATIONAL CONGRESS of the French Federation


The French National Federation of Retired Staff from the Savings Banks Group had its 22nd National Congress in STRASBOURG, 24-26 September 2009, by invitation of Julien PETER, President of the Federal Region of ALSACE.


The Executive Board and the Management Board met on Thursday, and the General Assembly took place on Friday with the participation of: Mrs. Catherine TRAUTMAN, former Minister, member of the European Parliament and President of the Commission of Social Affairs in the European Parliament; Mr. Philippe LESIEUR, Human Resources Manager of the Financial Group Popular Banks and Savings Banks (BPCE); Mr. Marion Jacques BERGTOLD, Member of the Board of the Regional Savings Bank of ALSACE; Mr. Hervé THILLARD, President of the Health Mutuality for the Savings Banks; Mr. Serge HUBER, President of Caisse Générale de Prévoyance; and Mr. LELAY, General Manager of Ecureuil Protection Sociale


Our President, José Roberto LOPEZ, a faithful participant in the French Congresses, did not attend due to health problems.


There were 200 delegates from the 19 regions, representing the 4,900 members of the Federation. They discussed specifically, during these two days, issues concerning Social Protection in this climate of world financial crisis, where uncertainness and concern play an important role. They debated the threats to pensions, health care and representation of the elderly as citizens. They discussed particularly the following issues:


Ø      Financial balance in the medium and long term of the retirement plans, together with the reform of pensions that will take place in 2010.

Ø      Complementary health protection, especially their concern for the funding of the sickness sector of Social Security and the future of the mutuality associations that complement health care.

Ø      The citizenship of 12 million French pensioners. The delegates, once more, demanded the presence of pensioners in all the entities where decisions concerning them are made.


The establishment, last August, of the 2nd French Bank Group, the BCPE, born in the “marriage” of Popular Banks and Savings Banks, constituted an important moment during this Congress 2009, because this financial rapprochement causes concern for the future of the Health Protection of active workers and pensioners of Savings Banks. Even though the presence of Mr. LESIEUR, Human Resources Manager of the new Group, did not dispel all fears, it allowed us to draw precisely all our claims and hopes.

The Federation Congress took place in Strasbourg, a historical European city, headquarters of the European Parliament. The presence of Mrs. TRAUTMAN, former Minister and member of the European Parliament, and the reception in the City Hall by Mr. RIES, mayor of STRASBOURG, created debates and influenced greatly all exchanges about social protection and representation of pensioners in the European Union.


The letter of José Roberto LOPEZ, President of the EUROPEAN GROUP, who could not attend the Congress due to health problems, was very well received by the delegates, who wanted to wish him a speedy recovery.


Due to the absence of J.R.LOPEZ, Jean Claude CHRETIEN, Vice-president of the Group, was in charge of communicating to the Mayor and the Minister the mission of our GROUP and the AGE Platform. Our Vice-president mentioned the essential contribution of the GROUP and he summarised the work done in SIACCA, ALBUFEIRA and SANTANDER concerning the different types of discrimination applied to the Elderly.


Lastly, during the voting of the resolutions, adopted unanimously by the Assembly (the resolutions establish the goals of the Federation and the actions that will be done), the following statement was expressed:


The Federation must share the actions of the European Group in order to help achieve solidarity among the pensioners, and we must take into account the essential problems of health protection, dependence and representation within the framework of a European Social Area.


                                                                                  STRASBOURG, 29th September 2009