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From 27th to 30th May 2009, the 19th General Assembly of the Spanish Federation of Retired Staff and Pensioners from Spanish Confederate Saving Banks was held.


The meeting on 28th May was held in the Auditory of Caixa Sabadell, the entity that offered itself as host on the occasion of the 150th anniversary commemoration.  50 people attended, pertaining to 14 of the 25 associations members of the Federation, representing 61 of the 115 possible votes, according to the information provided there.


Mrs. Victoria Mª Lopesino Fernandez, President of the Federation, started the meeting.  After welcoming everyone and thanking the presence of all those who attended, she started off with the Agenda included in the notification. After the approval of the minutes of the last Assembly, the treasurer informed about the economic and financial situation of the Federation, which was affected because of the withdrawal of 3 associations that did not deposit the federative fees. As a result of not having a sponsoring bank, the Federation had to cover all the costs for the Assembly in Valencia in 2008.


            Then, the President allowed José Roberto López, President of the European Group, to speak. He presented the conclusions about the socio-political discrimination of the elderly, topic addressed in the last Euromeeting in 2009 held in Santander. He expressed that the conclusions were delivered to the hands of the General Director of the European Platform for the Elderly during the celebration in Brussels of the general assembly, 7-8 May 2009, so that they could be delivered to the European authorities. In his speech, the President of the European Group expressed clearly once again that we cannot obtain our demands alone. For that reason, it is necessary to be associated in order to be heard in all the forums and organizations. The Group is a member with full rights of the AGE Platform since its founding. At the present time, there are over 25 million associates in Europe.


            Immediately after, Mr. Jose L. Meler y de Ugarte, President of CEOMA, intervened to give thanks to the President for the invitation, once again, to this Assembly and to tell us all attending, that we, as elderly, have only one way to achieve our goals. And this way is being associated. The organisation presided by him counts already with the support of 1.5 million associates from 40 organisations in Spain. This ratified what has already been said by the previous speaker.


             The Honours and Privileges chapter remained postponed until the closing dinner, during which Mr. Manuel Berzal Lobo, President of the Association of Retired Staff of Caja Segovia, would be awarded the gold badge.


             Finally, the renewal of the Federation Presidency took place. Mrs. Victoria Mª Lopesino Fernandez was replaced in her position by the only candidate, Mr. Luis A. Tena Orduña, current President of the Group of Retired Staff of Bancaja, and second Vicepresident of the Federation, that was elected unanimously. The President then took time to speak and inform us that he commits only for one year, enough time for them to get to know him and for him to get to know the rest of the members of the Board of Directors, of whom, he said, he expects their total commitment and cooperation with the Federation in order to recover the associations that have withdrawn and give a new boost to the Federation with strength and cooperation from everyone.