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Our friend Jean Vauriot, during the Euromeeting, invited us to attend an evening party about the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, just as he had done in Mallorca, where he narrated for us Chopin and Georges Sand´s love affair.

   Victoria Lopesino, President of the Spanish Federation, accepted to lend the warmth of her voice and her ardor, to make us feel the depth and intensity of the feelings contained in some of the poems, that only the melodiousness of the Spanish tongue is capable of restoring.

   With his acute sense of precision in the research and his passion for poetry, Jean knew how to make us discover, or rediscover, one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Spanish poets, through his hectic life, through the work of this poet, painter, and play writer, from his love affairs and his fight for freedom.

   Throughout the evening, we searched deeper into the sentimental, tumultuous, agitated, and passionate itinerary that Lorca assumed. Jean´s merit consisted in laying out for us bridges between the hard times of the poet´s life and the dramatic intensity of his work.

   With passion, rhythm, and melodiousness of the poetry, Jean made us live intensely and emotionally the last moments of Lorca´s life until his death in Viznar, in August 1936.

   A lovely evening…


Jean Claude Chretien