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            As you all know, on June 29th 1993, our project was born during an Intergenerational Euromeeting and a Convention of Retired Staff from European Saving Banks in the head office of the European Parliament in Brussels, thus paying a great tribute to the creators and supporters of the Economic Community. This birth took place borne by the admiration, support and wishes of success from the official organisms who participated in the event.


At that time, we were already faithfully asking for:


·    “The European Social Charter to define what falls to us in consequence of our substantial and undeniable ability to collaborate with institutions.”

·    “Our direct participation -together with the representatives of different groups which belong to other generations- to national and European entities in charge of social fields related to the integration of communities.”

·    “The right to receive decent pensions that allow retired people to maintain -thanks to automatic revision- their purchasing power.”


            As I am rapidly reminding the circumstances of that time, I have here a note which confirms that the 27 countries of the Union have accepted the creation of the Mediterranean Union as a necessity, taking into account reasons that fifteen years ago we -as a newborn group representing Associations and colleagues from Belgium, Spain, France, Italy and Portugal- took seriously into account.


      As far as I am concerned, and always bearing in mind the social and cultural mission we got involved in, I cannot conceive a future civilisation in which the elderly do not play a great role and do not act on basis of their philosophical and spiritual Mediterranean roots.


            We have always been modest and we know the limits of our Group, but from the very moment of its creation we have shown our capacities. After so many efforts, sacrifices and enthusiasm please let me make this call:


            Every person with a sense of social responsibility and human maturity must support our Group, with the dignity that our status of European citizens grants us, since every person participates directly or indirectly to the events that shake the world in general and more specifically Europe.


            We are experiencing difficulties and serious crisis, unavoidable in a new society that justifies the existence of the Group. That is why we must celebrate June 29th 2008.



Francisco M. Bernabeu Penalva


Francisco M. Bernabeu Penalva, is:

Fundator and First President of the Spanish Federation

Honor  President of the Spanish Federation

Fundator y First President of the European Group

Honor member of the European Group