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The 4th of October was held in Lisbon, at the headquarters of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos, the XI National Meeting of ANAC members (National Association of Retired people from CGD). The members of the Europan Group's executive committee were present.


Gathering more than 600 participants, the meeting begun with a report of the Association President, our friend from the executive committee and vice-president for Portugal, Antonio Serra. He explained that 90% of the agreed activities had been carried out. He also announced the election of next year ANAC President.


Once more the creation of a residence for CGD restired staff was debated upon. This home would also work as a support centre. Inside the CGD, the views are divided. Attention was drown on the fact that the civil Service offers residences for retired people. The last intervention was: “Is the CGD responsible for solving the problem or must we resolve it ourselves?” The speaker replied: “We must do it ourselves instead of waiting for the Caixa Geral de Depósitos to do it.”


Then was presented the CGD group of social volunteers “SENIAMOR”, created in 1996. ANAC retired staff also forms part of this group, and they regularly visit their ill or dependant friends, at home as well as in residences or hospitals.


Then were given the poetry and prose awards as part of the Flower Games, and two journeys to Bresil were won. During the afternoon the participants could attend shows with music, magic and choir.


During the closure dinner, our President José Roberto López said a few words in portuguese to thank the director general of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos for his collaboration to the 2008 Euromeeting held in Albufeira. He stressed that it was the fifth participation of his colleagues form ANAC to this event and invited them to the next Euromeeting to be held in Santander in 2009. He ended his speech by begging God to allow the daughter of our colleague and friend Antonio Serra to recover from the serious surgical operation she suffered. Finally, Antonio Serra, President of ANAC, and Henrique de Melo, director general of CGD, made a speech.


The members of the Groupement executive committee sized the opportunity of their stay in Lisbon to hold a working session on issues to be dealt with and debated upon during 2009 Euromeeting. They agreed on the issue of “Economical discrimination of the Elderly”.