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ISDABE, the Residential Complex of the Spanish Savings Banks in Estepona (Mala­ga-Spain), has a new Director since July of this ear: don José Luis Saiz, a professio­nal hotel manager with a big experience. Luis Mesa Peña, our great friend and ex­traordinary collabo­rator of the Europe­an Group, after 39 years heading the Complex, has yiel­ded the witness for having fulfilled the regulation age of re­tirement.

We want to place on record the assis­tance that Luis Mesa Peña has provided us at all times in organizing the Euromee­tings. The first one took place in ISDABE, in 1994; he offered his facilities and the event was a success. Later there were orga­nized two more Euromeetings there, repe­ating again the kind reception and defe­rential treatment of always. We reiterate from here the gratitude to our friend Luis Mesa Peña and give the welcome to José Luis Sáiz, the new Director.

The people in charge of the Associa­tions, who organize vacations groups in ISDABE, attended the 31st Meetingwork at the beginning of last October; there were raised the new projects of the Complex. José Luis Sáiz and his direct collaborators, (Antonio Luna, Chief of Reception; Anto­nio Mesa, Chief of Reservations; Jerónima Perujo, Public Relations; and Ana Belén Delgado of the Reservations Department) offered their assistance to collaborate with the European Group. They have also attended to the meeting our colleagues from Portugal: Antonio Serra and José Maria Fernan­des, of ANAC; Fer­nando Boto and Manuel Afonso Rodri­gues, of Monte Geral; and Joáo Alberto Rolao and Laura Rolao, of the Banco National Ultramarino.

We emphasize that any Association, Region, Federation or sympathizer mem­ber, can contact with the executives of ISDABE to organize vacation stays in the Residential Complex. In the ISDABE´s ins­titutional advertisement of this magazine, it appears the telephone and the prices that are going to be applied in the year 2008.

The European Group has invited José Luis Saiz to attend to our General Assem­bly at the 2008 Euromeeting, so that he knows us personally and show us his pro­jects there.

Finally, we place on record once again that the familiar attention on the part of all personnel of ISDABE, makes us feel in the Residential Complex as if we were at ho­me, which demonstrates the kindness and professionalism of the human team and the quality of the services that they provi­de us.