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Because of the development of aging more and more people need help for their everyday life and for their care.

In Germany about 2 Million people are in need of care. The bigger part of them (70%) are looked after by their family of friends at home. About 700.000 people are living in nursing homes.

To got to a nursing home, leaving the familiar surrounding isnít an easy step.

To be able to stay at home as long as possible, many older people draw an nurses from Eastern Europe. Those women offer a caring 24 hour supervision which is affordable. Unfortunately this work is illegal in Germany. For the same money a German nurse only comes once in the morning and once in the evening. The remaining time the old person is alone at the day care or at home.

If an older person decides to employ a German nurse, the costs will eat up all of his savings and sometimes even so much money that he has to sell his house.

The bottom line is that he will be dependent on the help of the social assistance office.

In Germanythere are residential houses for elderly people and nursing homes which are supported by the state, the churches or private persons.

There is a huge difference between those institutions.

In the private residences there are wealthy people and they are spoiled and looked after.

In contrast to that in the homes from the state there is a constant shortage of staff and the 100% care of elderly isnít guaranteed.

The nurses are absolutely dependent on family members and volunteers.

Furthermore the nurses arenít paid adequately for working so sacrificially. Thereby this job that requires training isnít very attractive for the younger generation.

The nursing insurance pays for stationary and domestic nursing service. About 98% of the Germans have a nursing insurance. There are three care levels.

To evaluate the levels the different normal workings and performances are defined meticulously. For example for washing the whole body 20-25 minutes are estimated, for shaving 5-10 minutes.

Care level 1 means expenditure of time of 90 minutes. From 2 hours care you draw benefits of care level 2 and from 4 hours or more care at one day you are care level 3.

The classification is always made by a medical consultant.

By all accounts more and more nursing services donít satisfy their clients.

The Federal Government is planning a fundamental reform of the nursing insurance. But this will be realized earliest in 2007.

It is supposed to be regulated by law that in all official buildings there have to be rises which are handicapped accessible and elevators have to be wheelchair accessible. Furthermore public transport is supposed to be easily usable for older of handicapped people.

It is important to stand up for the older generation so these people can enjoy their evening of life in peace and with dignity.

Ruth Rebert