Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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The European Group when referring to the Sustainability of Pensions’ financing brings up the following proposals:


  1. That the yearly surplus derived from the difference between incomes (fees) and costs (pensions) is entirely lodged into the Pension Funds.
  2. The non-contributive pensions must be covered by the Government by means of the General Budgets and not sustained by the active workers.
  3. Pensions must be calculated taking into account the quotations accumulated during their working lives.
  4. A minimum contributive pension allowing an appropriate standard of living must be guaranteed.
  5. Early retirement must be controlled in an efficient way and assumed by the companies so that it does not imply a cost for the Social Security.
  6. The retired population must be able to participate as Social Agents with voice and vote in all forums and organisms dealing with matters of our interest.
  7. The social VAT must be established in order to increase the Pension Funds so the system can be guaranteed.
  8. A Social Contribution for the pensions should be established so the sustainability of the system existing can be guaranteed.