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ON the 11 and 12 of March 2003 took place the first FAP CREDITO meeting, a national trade union Federation of Bank Pensioners’ Associations. The event took place in Rome in the Pilgrim Home’s conference room and there was a good turnout (more than 600 delegates).


The main matter of the meeting was: “A reference point and potential consents –A world rich in values, the realization of our existence, our needs to be regarded –. A level of dignity we must defend against an evolutionary society to solve the elderly problems”.


ANLA (Old Workers’ National Association), the unions CIDA (Business Executive Italian Confederation), LiSip, FALCRI, UGL and FABI joined the meeting. The Deputies Sergio Mattarella and Giuseppe Lumia joined the meeting too. A lot of politicians, deputies and senators who could no attend the meeting, such as the Council vice-president, the Regional Affairs Minister,  he Deputies Chamber, the President of various parliamentary groups and European Parliament’s representatives sent their registration card and wished good lack to everyone.




The President headed the assembly referring to the Associations and Federation’s birth, to the relationship with other national organisations and, as far as the international field, to the Bank Pensioners’ entry to the European Group and its adherence to the European Platform AGE. The report dwelled on pensions, according to European instructions, and on the Federation’s activities at both national and international level.



Experts and lawyers’ reports focused on: “Pensioners’ representation –Pensions purchasing power recovery– Constitutionality of some National Insurance’s regulations”.


During this meeting our President José R. López presented a plaque to the Italian Federation and our Italian colleague and

vice-chair Franco Salza received the Group’s golden budge.