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THE place couldn’t be more attractive : Seville, “offspring” of many thousand-yearold civilisations, trade centre between Spain and South America during the XVth century, birth place of some well-known painters and writers, was the best scenery to celebrate the XIII National Spanish Federation General Meeting, held from 16th to 19th June, thanks to the Retired Staff of Pawnshops and Savings Bank from Huelva and Seville, AJEMSE, which offered its help through the Pawnshops and Savings Bank from Seville.


 We would like to underline the fact that all the Associations belonging to the National Federation were represented by more than five hundred people who came from all the spanish regions. This fact is an obvious example of union, devotion and interest with regard to the topics which were debated.


This year the Meeting had a special importance because -besides the normal presentations of the balance sheet, budgets and activities memory- a study of statutes adaptation to the Law 1/2002 and the ratification of the new Federation Treasurer (Mr. Antonio Lozano Agudo) were done. The VIth CEOMA Congress (Spanish Confederation of Third Age People Organisations) was also announced. It will be celebrated in October in Valladolid in order to propose a law to handicapped people.


The increasing importance of some diseases and obstacles linked to an ageing society will be emphasized. A new law coming into force in Italy was also discussed. This law has been created to reduce the public pensions and the possible private complements. Some retired Associations of that country had a first reaction before the Court. It is really worrying that some countries Governments such as France, Austria, Belgium and Germany have already announced a similar initiative.


The Chairwoman, Madam Victoria Lopesino, stressed the fact that it was very important that all the Associations worked together, because it is the most powerful method to reach one’s aims. She encouraged all the representatives to follow the way already set to use modern media technology, essential to establish the communication in every moment thanks to the possibilities offered

by INTERNET. She also presented the legislative and social information given by the Federation to the Associations. She asserted that she was convinced some improvements could be done thanks to the fact of having the premises within the Spanish Savings Bank Confederation. She thanked its Chairman and Managing Director for the help of the National Federation.



The President of the European Group of Retired Staff and Pensioners of Savings Banks, Banks and similar Institutions, Mr. José R. López Martínez, informed us about the measures taken by the Italian Federation to defend the retired people rights. The Italian Federation received an economical aid from the European Group.



The President of the European Group convened also a monographic meeting (whose title was “From utopia to reality”) in order to talk about the methods adopted to make a dream come true: a RESIDENCE for the retired European people. This is a project set many years ago. Today, it seems that we start to see the first results of that project since many points concerning it were discussed with a big interest during the 2003 Euromeeting (Majorca). This fact shows the well-done work carried out by small but praiseworthy group of Spanish friends. In any case, the project could be finished if the necessary support of the Group members is given.



Besides the work carried out by the Meeting participants, there were many different ulturalactivities: The President and the Director of Pawnshops and Savings Bank from Seville received some distinctions. AJEMSE received a present because of its devotion and efforts which made this magnificent meeting possible. Mr. Ignacio Yécora and Mr. Manuel Bodineau and their work colleagues were also thanked. This meeting was closed with a dinner in which were known the winners of the literary prize. It was really difficult to choose the winners because of the big quality of every work. We would like to underline the great enthusiasm of the National Federation Vice-President, Mr. José Maria Taulé Viñas, whose devotion was essential to make the developing of these prizes possible.