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FROM the 10th to the12th October 2003, the National Federation of French Savings Banks’ Pensioners held its 16.º

National Conference in REIMS. 180 representatives debated two important issues that concern our French colleagues:


• the evolution of retirement.


• protection-public health system reform.


 Until the 31st December 1999 French pensioners enjoyed Retirement Bank’s benefits apart from Savings Banks’ benefits.

Catedral de Reims


From then on they are part of a national interprofessional regime and they managed, by means of a conventional agreement, to keep the pension level invariable starting from the creation of a new regime known as “preservation of rights”. This regime is a serious problem not only for pensioners since, as well as the no revaluation of this kind of pensions, in 2003 we will be the victim of purchasing power decrease by 5% in four years.

So Cathedral of Reims. French pensioners have expressed their discontent. Another worrying issue is the application of the protection-public health system reform. This reform could transfer the burden to the National Health Service and it would cause an increase in contribution for health services. The French Health Service forecasts a 10% increase over. Mr Mathieu COUSINEAU, the person in charge of the French Health Service Leadership, Mr Jean Jacques DORMOIS, Mrs Marion Jacques BERGTHOLD, Presidente and Director General of Savings Banks Health Service and Mr Eric LELAY, Director General of Retirement Savings Bank all played a leading role in the meeting.


Mr Jacques MOUTON, Chairman of French Savings Banks’ Surveillance Council debated with pensioners the evolution of the original savings banks’ group and the development of strategic guidelines in the short and long term. He explained that after 1983 and reform after reform, French savings banks obtained a statute that allowed them to reacquire the Mortgage Bank of France (Crédit Foncier de France), the Investment Bank CDC Ixis (Banque d’investissement CDC Ixis) and the French San Paolo EMI subsidiary to become both a private and investment universal Bank, a finance company that is in third place in Europe.


 Mr José Roberto LÓPEZ, Chairman of the European Group and guest of honor, remembered the current Italian situation and the aid our Group offered them. After his speech he presented the Group gold medal to our friend Jean Vauriot, Vice- Chairman, in recognition of his work and total commitment.


Among the decisions approved unanimously we should remember that the Federation shares the European Group’s act and its will to strengthen exchanges among member countries which share the consequences of the same reforms. For our French colleagues the essence of this XVI conference could be summed up in one word: SOLIDARITY. Solidarity with other generations, solidarity with pensioners, solidarity with pensioners from European member countries.


 After the annual general meeting mandates of French representatives in the National Federation were renewed: Francis BIZARD, Chairman; Jacques HUBERT, Vice-chairman; Jean Claude CHRETIEN, General Secretary; Jean VAURIOT, member of the board of directors and Max PONS, member of the federal board.


Delegates and companions spent the relaxing Sunday in the Champagne vineyards.