Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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WE have spoken a lot about the European Constitution, we have remarked a lot of things, but lots of those who have already crossed the pension barrier do not know its real content; they do not know if the new Political Instrument will benefit their current situation.


Maybe us, the pensioners, we are going to be cut off from the new Europe with 25 member countries?


Are we going to be, according to some rebel demagogues, a group that is not able to offer anything to its society any more only because we are the older generation and so we deserve a little pension for our hard life and our problems of the past?


Do young peolpe today forget our sacrifices to leave the way open for a current situation more reliable when it comes to retiring?


All these question are important, but what is going to happen to us, old-age pensioners of a Bank? We must raise our voice, we must demand our dignity and, with other pensioner associations, inform of our needs all the organisms which legislate and decide for us.


AGE ”The European Elderly People Platform”, an organisation with strong ties of cooperation with our European Group, will fight with us for our objectives. We don’t have to forget that UNITED WE STAND and only if we fight all together we can achieve our aims.

Here it is our suggestion.

Antonio Serra

President of ANAC

(Associaçao Nacional dos Aposentados de Caixa Geral de Depósitos)