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FROM the 6th to the 8th of April the XV General Assembly of the National Federation of Associations of Retired Staff and Pensioners from Confederate Savings Banks took place in Valencia. The meeting was held on the 7th in one of the meeting rooms of Valencia’s Commercial Centre. The following issues were approved: the minutes belonging to the last Assembly, the 2004 Balance sheet and the profit and loss account, the budget for 2005 and the record of the activities carried out on the previous financial year.

José Roberto López, President of our Group, presented a report about the work carried out by the Executive Committee in Toulon and advanced some ideas of the perspectives to be achieved by the Group and the Euromeetings that are to be largely presented in the Euromeeting that is going to be held in May in Islantilla (Huelva).


Mr. Manuel García García, President of the Caja-Astur Association, informed about the problems faced by the staff from Asturia’s Savings Bank and regarding those retired with a complementary social insurance society. It must be said that a complaint has been registered in the Insurance General Directive. Also a study regarding the proposition of representation by law of Retired workers and pensioners before the Regulation of Pension Plans and Pension Funds was presented.

Mr. Juan Carlos Cavaller, Tax Inspector in Valencia, gave a speech, considered a master class by the assistants, about “dwelling and pensions. Tax equalization”.





Through the President’s proposal it was approved to name José Barberá Blesa, President of the CAM Retired Staff Association, Vice-President of the Spanish Federation. In addition, the naming of our mate Julio Barrera García as the General Secretary was also approved.


Finally, as a finishing touch, the President recalled our mate’s, Vicente Romero, achievements while he was the President of the Spanish Federation, and he was given the Federation’s Golden broach. After he’s gratitude speech, the guest of honour read a poem belonging to his latest book published by the CAM. In addition, the General Assembly decided to grant the Federation’s golden broaches to Mrs. Rita Barberà Nolla, Mayoress of Valencia and to Mr. José Luis Olivas, President from Bancaja.




Bancaja offered a magnificent closing dinner in the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia the “Prince Philip’s” Museum, in the area reserved for great events know as “high street”. Finally a valencian folklore exhibition was offered by the group “Grup de Danses LO RAT PENAT” and ending with a firework set piece. From here we congratulate our mates form the Bancaja Association for the perfect result.