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ON the 23rd of October 2004, the IX National Encontroof ANAC (National Association of CGD staff) members was held in Lisbon, in the Head Office of the General Deposit Bank, to which our Groups Governing Board was invited.

The day began with a report of the President of the Association, our mate and vice-president in Portugal Antonio Serra, followed by several speeches given by different associates. Afterwards the poetry and prose prizes, corresponding to the Juegos Florales(literature awards) that are always organized, were given out. During the afternoon a musical show took place.

During the closing dinner, to which the CGD vice-president Doctor Antonio Maldonado Gonelha attended, our President José Roberto López gave a gratitude speech in Portuguese and gave our Groups golden badge to the ANACs President Antonio Serra for his long career with the Group.

Taking advantage the Governing Boards stay in Lisbon, they held an ordinar y session where we learned about the general strike called for the 29th of October in defence of the Pension Funds belonging to our CGD mates, that the Portuguese Government intended to merge with the ones belonging to the State Civil Servants. One of the CGD social workers gave us an accurate report about the problem and theBoard decided  to send a support letter to our ANAC mates.