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On the 22nd of March, the Elderly’s European Platform AGE held, in the Mercure Royal Crow Hotel in Brussels, their General

Assembly. On behalf of our Group, our  representative in AGE and Vice-President in Italy, Franco Salza, and our President José Roberto López attended this Assembly. It must be said that, during the General Assembly, the demand to reclassify our Group presented by or President was accepted, and now we are considered as a European Federation. From this new classification we must start working in order to achieve a place for  our Group in AGE’s Governing Board. In the Assembly AGE’s working programme was defined, and 5 high-priority aims were fixed, all of them related to the policies that are being settled in Europe in the following subjects:


1) The battle against discrimination because of age.

2) Social Protection.

3) Social Inclusion.

4) Job placement for the elderly workers.

5) Lifelong learning.  


         We had a meeting with AGE’s Director, Anne-Sophie Parent, who we invited to attend our Euromeeting in Salou but, because of a lack of space in her personal schedule, she suggested that Michael Teit Nielsen, President of AGE’s Social Protection’s Group of Experts, could go in her name. And we willingly agreed to her suggestion.