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BETWEEN the 21st and the 23rd of February 2004, the European Elderlies Confederation (CEMA) organized the 1stEuropean Elderlies Congress in Valencia’s Conference Centre .

The King and the Queen of Spain held the Honour Committee’s Presidency of this event. The opening ceremony took place on the 22nd and included the following speeches: Ms Gail Hurley, Coordinator of the European Volunteering Centre; Mr. Luis Martín Pinado, National President of the Democratic Union of Pensioners in Spain; Mrs. Marta Torrado, Social Welfare Town  Councillor of Valencia’s Town Council: Mr. Manuel Revuelta, President of the Valencian Community in Brussels and Mr. Juan Manuel Mellado Rojas, President of CEMA.

The following speeches were given: “The effects of the new technologies on the elderlies”,  “Elderlies Associations - Social Enterprises”, “The elderlies’ social welfare in Europe”, “The elderlies’ social volunteering in Europe”, “Women in the European rural community“, The Elderlies’ Associationist movement in Europe”, “The elderlies’ social action”, Social Community Law- pensions in the European Union”, “Elderlies and consumption”. We must highlight that our Honour President, Mr. José Lidón, gave the speech “The elderlies’ social protection in Europe”, subject which we all know about because it is the result of the work done by our Group

with the opinion survey completed by the eight members that actually belong to our Group.

In the closing ceremony the following participants were heard: Mr. Antonio Lis Darder, General Director of the IMSERSO and Mr. Alejandro Font de Mora, Presidency Counsellor and spokesman of the Valencian Community’s Government.