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For some time now I have been feeling lonely and thoughtful . Sometimes, maybe because of my fantasies and dreams, I am disconnected from reality. Disconnected from the world? Absolutely not; no matter how, I try to keep informed about everything that happens. Even when I isolate myself at home, with the depression that torments my soul, I try to keep in touch with reality by means of television, radio or newspapers. As things are going, isolating myself makes me feel guilty. In eagerness to progress atrocities have been done to the world, and eventhough they re not directly provoqued by this eagerness to “progress” they stem from it. We no longer see rabbits in the mountains; I can’t remember the last time I saw, apart from carps, fishes and crabs in the rivers and, if this wasn’t enough, elms and other plants are starting to die. As you can see, the information I’ve got about the ecological disasters not only comes from newspapers but also from what I see happening around me.


What can I think of a world where the most spectacular scientific advantages and progress happen to meet with anachronic and real facts such as that in Ethiopia hundreds and thousands of people are diying from hunger. Eventhough this can seem a very used argument, reality is there to show it to us. The countries that could solve the backward’s countries problems by nourishing them or showing them how to do it themselves, are spending all their budgets in armament. We will have to start thinking, what is worse, accepting, that the possibility that everything is going to end up in a holocaust is because of this madness’ logical consequence caused by the world’s funtioning and the misgoverning (THIS INCLUDES US ALL). Yes, this could be our punishment. Actually, in the Western World pacifist movements are proliferating, and I approve of these movement’s appearance and these pacifist  demonstrations; In my opinion, the problem is that many of these pacifist demonstrations show a sectarian base, a partisan base, that places peace in front of other interests. I consider myself a pacifist who condems in the same way the attitude show in the war against Iraq and the American’s intervention in Nicaragua, that seems to be forgotten. There is only one way of pacifism, it doesn’t depend on the political’s dominant criterion but on a moral attitude. Acting otherwise would be cheating.


I think that the strenght and the number of members belonging to these pacifist movements are still not enough in order to stop missiles spreading around us, a fact that is supported by a much stronger power. What

we must expect, and wish, is that these movements are sincere and, according to this sincerity, they advocate for a UNIVERSAL MORAL CONSCIENCE, that is to say: in the east and in the west. I think that they could become an

alternative power, as long as they are GENUINE AND GENEROUS.


The fact of having concentrated our efforts on an improvement of the Standard of living, forgetting mankind and nature, is such a serious mistake that it could constitute a collective suicide. Man, blind out of his desire for  progress, often forgets that what, in principle, seems a progress, in the long run turns out to be the opposite, like what happened with the notorious and former DDT. The world’s progress should occur just in the way cautious men walk : they never take the second step before gaining a foothold.


In short, nowadays mankind dosen’t stop before anything. Actually, isn’t he a kind of sorcerer’s apprentize who cannot hold back the forces he has unleashed himself? In fact, this may be happening. If tomorrow the U.S.A. and other largely armed countries got to an agreement, not about reducing nuclear weapons but about destroying them, what should we do, then, with the thousands of tons of radioactive waste this attitude would cause? Should we drop them on the Galician coast? In fact, this is exactly what is being done. To calm us down, they tell us the resistance of those waste containers is guaranteed for a hundred years, but the fact is that the energy those drums contain will still be alive in five hundred or a thousand years. That is to say, we can live peacefully, but what will happen with the following generations? I think this attitude is so wicked that it convinces me the future has become wild, that it has turned against us and that, maybe, the day we can’t hold it back has come. These are meditations about the importance we attach, in some cases, to some things. When the world has already gone wild…where does man’s truth live?


You may think I intend to know more than anyone else, and this is not the case. But I feel so manipulated in all the conditions surrounding the world, that I believe we will end up like sheeps: we will not think. We will rest in houses that will turn us lazy, and we will cut ourselves off from everything, watching those scruffy TV programmes, which are getting more and more successful. The commitments will not exist anymore, as we will consider we are enslaved, and we just don’t realize we have already been slaves for a long time.


I think I am wandering about in a sky of black clouds, which are the oversight of this world that is suffering. But it WILL WAKE UP.


And they should stop masquerading around in fancy dresses, because this is always obvious. I remember the masterpiece “El gran teatro del mundo” (“The world’s biggest theatre”)...


Victoria Lopesino

President of the Spanish National Federation