Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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AS the European Union has been enlarged up to 25 countries, our Group, with scarcely eight countries of the Community, must also try an enlargement. 'Together we stand' and even if this happened there would not be enough of us to reach the aim we are yearning for.

In Europe, from West to East, there is a fight fot the rights of our condition of retired persons and we cannot run away from this battle. The countries which are in the centre and the east of our Continent should increase the number of those who- by means of working their entire life- have enlarged and made the credit institutions progress and have turned them into huge finances bulworks, a support for the citizens’ economy and well-being. And frequently, what did they receive in exchange? Hardly an alms in relation to what they should for the big effort most of them contributed in order to reach this aim.

The working population, who nowadays has taken our place, should be compensated properly for its work, so that the bank workers are considered in their respective countries as an

essential class for the development of these countries. Nevertheless, we must remind to whom it belongs that the current situation is not new but, mostly, a result of the effort and dedication of those who during years have worked and dedicated themselves exclusively to their careers.

This is why we believe we are in the ideal position to say, once again, to the European Community we have still enough strength to vindicate everything that belongs to us. So, all united,

we will be able to reach something, and in order to do so, with some utopia we must try to attract banks’ retired staff of the 25 countries to our Group. I hope we are able to obtain some results. This must be our objective and in order to reach it we must have strength and courage.


Antonio Serra
President of ANAC - Portugal