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Ladies and gentleman,


The time to say goodbye to our 10th Euromeeting has come. I would like to thank you for your collaboration and for making everything turn out as it should do. On the other hand, I would like to apologize for all the nuisances you may have had, but I assume we have done our best. The rain on the day we visited Montserrat was not planned, it seems Saint Peter didn’t like the box of wine we sent him.

We have been congratulated for Friday’s General Assembly and it seems you thought the speeches were very interesting. All this has been possible thank you to some of our members work; thank you my friends Chrétien, Salza and Lemchen.

From the information exchange, the acknowledge of some of the problems other countries are having and from our collaboration, we can obtain concrete requests that we will be able to take before the Organizations in our countries and in the European Union.

According to some of our members, in the next Euromeeting some workshops will be proposed in order to discuss the speeches and to promote the possibility of taking some decisions and planning some actions that can be applied in our countries. Logically, participating will be optional.

In my opinion, what justifies the Euromeeting are the Management Board, the General Assembly, the speeches, the exchange of information and the communication between us.

We only have to welcome the 11th Euromeeting, in which we started working a month ago.

Let’s make a toast with a glass of cava offered by the hotel to close the 10th Euromeeting and to welcome the 11th one.


Thank you for your attention and I hope you have a safe journey home tomorrow.