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It is very certain that the best thing of the Euromeeting '96 (17 to 26 May 1996) was the very nice cohabitation of around 300 assistant from seven countries of the Euro­pean Union. It was as a discovery of something common, above all the merely temporary or what concerns a pure materialistic interest. The environment of the Residence and the tourism undoubtedly contributed to create some bonds which surely will last.

And, of course, the workshops functioned. The collec­ted data will allow some very interesting reflections, star­ting even a debate regarding the future of our Association. The set out subjects were about 'The associative move­ment of the retired staff (including pre-retireds and pen­sioners) of the Saving Banks'; 'Present and future of the pensions'; 'The intergenerational solidarity and the acti­vity of the International Exchange Club'.


Data and opinions were debated and the result is the approaching to a realist design of the situation and men­tality of the elderly people of the Saving banks in different European countries. Everyone agreed in the criteria that for example, we, the elderly people, must transmit expe­riences and reflections by avoiding repeated negative situations and serious damages, but likewise it was poin­ted out the refusal of many young people to listent to us and in other cases the difficulty of expression of the elder­lies in the present language and context. In conclusion, the historical memory is valued as a warning and guide for the future action when one sets out the imperative of the solidarity.


By estimating from 1 to 10 the preference towards the organisations which must represent in a habitual way to the retired, the initial expectations have been confirmed by reaching the higher record the associations of specific cha­racter, as the ours, against trade unions and political par­ties, weakly considerated. In all the represented countries there are associations of retired which, by other hand, are only federated in Spain, France and Great Britain. The Statutes of our Association have been considered as per­fectly acceptable, being suggested the widening of the member representation faculties. The incorporation of associations from Saving Banks, practically became into Banks, will require an especial adaptation.


It has great testimonial value that all members in the reunion are clients of their original Saving Banks and con­tinue keeping bonds of different implication with them by collaborations, although without too much social transcen­dence. There are many references of preferential treat­ments and it does not postulate a breaking up in any case,but on the contrary. According to this attitude it is attribu­ted a great importance at the program of the Association to reach the representation of retireds, pre-retireds and pensioners in the administration government bodies of the Saving Banks and in the national and regional entities of pension administration in the countries where they are sta­bilised.


Warding and administration pension systems present so different peculiarities and details that it was decided to postpone the study of such a complex matter till a future occasion. It is appreciated, of course, that it is unanimous a great deal due to a general situation full of doubt as to the future solvency of present systems.


In the horizon of the activities and economical and social responsibilities shared by retired and working staff, we must emphasise that only in Spain and Italy there are some associations where both staff are integrated. In general any program including anY permanent or circuns­tancial connection between retired and active employees would be supported.



As the Exchange international club is concerned opi­nions are not unanimous, but on the other hand all the consulted would be personal l announcement advertisers or recipients; some of them offer as correspondents. Mee­tings between associated would be preferential matters, accommodation exchange in holidays and several cultural activities.

The basic data will allow wider analysis, but previous summarised notes are already a good sample of the gene­ral tone of the Meeting workshops. There was sincerity, spirit of comradeship and a high coincidence in aspira­tions and criteria which support the opportunity and rai­son d'etre of our Association, by reaffirming us with total determination regarding the engagements contracted with Community Government bodies in Brussels 93.

Dr. Guerra (Estepona, Spain)

Dr. Guerra (Estepona, Spain)





F. Bernabéu

F.Bernabéu (Spain)

V. Garnero (Spain)

V.Garnero (Spain).

R. Maelstaf (Belgium)

R. Maelstaf (Belgium).

A. Ségur (France)

A. Ségur (France)

R. Marques (Porutgal)

R. Marques(Porutgal)

Ruth Rebert (Germany)

Ruth Rebert(Germany)

B. Ingham (United Kingdom)

B.Ingham(United kingdom).

F. Castoldi (Italy)

      F.Castoldi         (Italy)

J. Lidón (Spain)

         J.Lidón (Spain).

O. Brisard (France).

O. Brisard(France)