Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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We are many in Europe and we have a life of work in the Saving Banks in common, which is a different dedi­cation, with a social connotation and historical strong ties. Now being already older, we have a very similar bothersome. It is good to get to know each other, to speak and, at the same time to make tourism together. That is what the Association propitiated, and the meeting in ISDABE answered to the best expectations. We remind it here, and we are going to repeat it, this time in Palma de Mallorca. The elderly people from European Saving Banks, together, we constitute a group which is being listened in the social structure of the old world. And we have certainly things to say.

Mr. Marques and Mr. Serra (Portugal); Mr. Garnero, Mr. Bernabeu and Mr. Lidon (Spain); Mr. Segur (France); and Mr. Maelstaf (Belgium).


   Any program including a certain permanent or circumstantial connection between employees on active and retired, would be supported.

    The historical memory is considered as a warning and guide for future action when the imperative of the solidarity will be set out.





   300 retired and employees of Saving Banks from seven European Community countries assisted.

   In the Workshops the intergenerational solidarity was spontaneous.

   Next EUROMEETING will be performed in MALLORCA island - Spain.





   The Statutes of our Association have been considered as perfectly acceptable, been suggested the widening of the member representation faculties.

   All the consulted members would be advertisers or recipients of announcements of the Exchange international club.