Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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   '... We, the European Saving Bank retired staff are always considering us as actively attached at the social pur­pose of our original entities...'.


         • '... In the framework of our Institutional associations and their national federations, we form an ideal referen­ce, as well as a valid interlocutor of the group of Saving Bank Retired Staff with their own original entities, with the Official Organisms, Trade Unions, Employers' Associations, and with any other correspondent, no matter it would be physic or juridical person. We estimate this as necessary and also indispensable function due the dispersion and real anonymity of the retired, individually considerated ...'.


         • '... We intercede for a well-balanced society, definited by the coexistence, in all their strata, of undifferentiated human beings for its age and equally involved in the achievement of a complete biological status, apt to channel the real progress to which we are inevitably destined. The intelligence, the eagerness of innovation and the youth impe­tuousness are perfectly compatible to the intelligence, the balance and the serenity of the maturity, that furthermore con­tributes with the inestimable value of the experience. To profit the society such advantages means to act with sapien­ce...'.


        • '... We will do our best in order to inform, support and defend, in the ambit of our respective demarcations, the interests of all the retireds and pensioners of the Saving Banks, especially of those who are identified with our asso­ciative movement and are attached to the same. Our acts will not interfere in the trade union ambit, but they will rat­her collaborate insofar as they are able with the act of such working organs in support of our companions...'.


        • '... We emphasise our permanent and brave advocacy of the Saving banks, always faithful to a history of aut­henticity in the dedication to the purposes for which they were created, and always capable to be adapted to the times without leaving the motivations which justify their existence...'.