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The Association of European Saving Bank retired staff convokes, according to all the above mentioned,the EUROMEETING - 97, which will be performed in Palma de Mallorca from 5 to 12 May 1997


It is just to repeat here that our activity and ideology are not exclusively adhered to the Saving bank world but they rather affect, with all firmness and interest, to the social dig­nification of the elderly person, of the retired in general, energetically refusing any attempt of marginalization alt­hough it were positively oriented. The retired, the elderly per­son, is an indispensable pillar of the society and it must be considered like this to all the effects. In this way was it cate­gorically affirmed in the Brussels '93 historical reunion and this will be the thread of the 97 Palma de Mallorca works­hops: 'A society for all the ages'.

With this invitation to those who assisted or not to ISDABE '96, with the security that Mallorca will be witness of a new advance in our task we explain here the general lines of a program for Study conference in our EUROME­ETING '97:


Palma de mallorca. Catheral.

Mallorca. Hotel Sol Clubbarbados**** (EUROMEETING ´97)

'Logic of the intergenerational relationships'.- cohabi­tation, in its most simple meaning, as sharing different expe­riences.- Differences, specially the generational ones.- Soli­darity, as a feeling and binding attitude.- Relationships, kno­wing that the human meaning of the term responds to a logic.

'Human resources in the firm'.- Pyramid of ages and plans of retirement. The problem of the pensions.­Recycles - professionals and pre- retirements.- Intergenera­tional solidarity and social cohabitation for the case of Saving Banks.

'The compromise acquired in 1993, Year of the elderly people and solidarity among generations in Euro­pe'.- Some emblematic conferences.- The future of the intergenerational solidarity in Europe.- A society for all the ages.


Palma de Mallorca. Bellver Castle

Mallorca Island



It was approved the memory and accountings of the 1995/96 exercise. The 1996/97 budget. They appro­ved that the quotation for the 1997 exercise will continue being of half an euro per affiliated. EUROPEAN MEE­TING '96 report. Invitation to new members to join the Association. Renovation of directive charges. Study of the modification of our Statutes in connection to: denomination of the Association, to avoid difficulties to the members whose Saving banks have been transformed into Banks, Establishement of the auditor figure. Compromise of new EUROMEETINGS