Group of European Pensioners from Savings Banks and Financial Institutions


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'Better an image than thousand words', says the known pro­verb and, for this reason, through this bulletin we hope images and words to get the purpose to make last in our readers expe­riences and incitements received in the EUROMEETING '96 cele­brated in ISDABE, Estepona (Spain) from 17th to 27th May 1996.

Those who already have listened about us must know that the voice of retireds and pensioners of the European Saving Banks, the words of the 'seniors' of the new Europe saving institutions, has sounded and has been written to let constancy of its message of corporate adhesion to such entities with historical strong ties and also the decision to keep bonds of union and joint responsibility with those who are working for them, defend their social purposes or are interested in its future.

It must also be known that we consider as an extraordinary fact the sincere aspirations and the common thoughts of those who had participated in this reunion, we have experimented the exis­tence of an own and singular 'alma mater' that has caused imme­diate projects of mutual supports, action plans of intergenerational solidarity and eagerness of service to a new European society.

We trust having achieved to reflect in the present work the countenance of a synthesis which invites to everybody to penetra­te in the real meaning of the most signalled event in our associati­ve life, after the celebration of the 'Year of the elderly people and solidarity among generations' in Brussels 1993.

The seeds of comradeship and friendship here seeded will be profitable, without any doubt, in a solid permanent relationship which will make possible realisations of great interest and benefit in our personal horizons and in the environment we vitally and vocationally belong.