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HONOURS and distinctions


Our Association had a debt of gratitude to the Caixa Geral de Depositos for their help and encouragement to our associative plans since before its foundation. A merit that the Board of directors, in its meeting of Lisbon, recognised unanimously. It decided to award the Portuguese institution the title of Perpetual Member of Honour. Afterwards, the Group's Secretary, Mr. Serra, gave the President of the Caixa, Dr. Joao Salgueiro, a commemorative plaque.


The Board of directors agreed also to grant the Gold Medal to Mr Francisco Bernabéu, first President of the Association, and the Silver Medal to Mr Pascual Bosque for his valuable collaboration in the bulletin's edition 'Euromeetings'. The awards were given at the General Assembly, which took place in May in Benidorm (Spain).


Board of directors and General meeting in Benidorm (Spain)

• The report and accounts of 1998 were unanimously approved.

• Mr Julio Barrera Garcia was named Assistant Vicepresident (Spain), who substitutes Mr Carlos Cases Bone. Mr Jorge Silveira (Portugal) takes Mr Pedro Manuel Bento's place as Substitute Advisor. Mr. Lidón proposed a formula of rotation of the presidency amongst the countries that are members. It was approved and will be put into practice in the next General Assembly.


The idea of celebrating the next Euromeeting on a cruise along the Mediterranean was put aside, because many people suffer from dizziness. Today we can inform that we will celebrate 'Euromeeting 2000' from the 1st to the 8th of April 2000 on the Costa Brava. More precisely at the beautiful town of Playa de Aro (Gerona (Spain)), where we have hired two excellent four star hotels, situated on the same street, a hundred metres from each other.


Everybody agreed that the 'Euromeeting' of the year 2001 should be at the residential complex ISDABE, a place well known by more than 800 of our associates, of which they have pleasant memories. To those who still do not know ISDABE, we inform them that it is a magnificent international residence of the Spanish Savings Banks, situated in the extraordinary andalusian Costa del Sol. Its characteristics can be seen on the advertisement published on another page of this bulletin.


The fee of a Euro per year will be duplicated for the year 2000. This will allow beginning activities in benefit of our members, put aside till now due to lack of economic resources.