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THE proximity of the new millennium is a good occasion for reflecting, for planning, for establishing new goals and for walking new roads in the European Association. The union of all of us is a positive factor, but we cannot be satisfied with this, we must evolve to be more and more useful to our group and to the society in general.


I request all the colleagues to get in touch with any of the members of the Board of Directors, and suggest new activities and possible changes that, in their opinion, we should make, as it must be everybody's task to decide the behaviour of the European Association in the new era. The addresses to which you can write are in page 3 of this magazine.


I forward some ideas on the referred changes:

• Rotation of the presidency by countries. Designation of the next President with a year of notice, and the formation of a permanent executive committee consisting of the former President, the current President and the President designated for the following period. This can facilitate the passing on of powers.

• Distribution of tasks. Amongst the members of the Board of Directors and other colleagues that voluntarily offer to be in charge or help in any of our present or future activities.

• Official Bulletin of the European Communities. A report to inform the associations and federations that are members of the Association about the official dispositions that affect us.

• Expansion of the Association to all countries of the EU.

• Euromeetings Magazine. Collaborations and offices.

• International relations. To establish relations with other European organisations.


If we are many that co-operate with our Association, it will be more and more useful for the retired of savings banks and for the society in general.


Our strength is our union.



José Lidón

Chairman of the Association of Retired and Pensioners

of the European Savings Banks