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THE Spanish Government Minister, Mr. Pimentel, proposed putting a stop to early retirement, that wretched trap which denies human dignity which many companies resort to save costs; substituting veterans for young freshers prepared to slog away for a more meagre salary and a less stable contract. The State regulated early retirement, with the intention of freeing many companies from the suspension of payments, however, they have considered it as a safeconduct of overhead application. Nowadays, companies who are embarrassed by their position on the tax assessment tables resort to offering people early-retirement, with an ease which scrapes immorality, knowing that the State will pay the costs of a measure, which applied away from cases where it is strictly necessary, appears more like the eugenics which the nazis advocated. In Spain, Telefónica put forward plans to give early retirement to forty two-year-old employees, not considering the obedience and capacity of its employees to fall into line; declaring through pious euphemism that new technologies make the workforce unnecessary.


'The companies which practice early retirement recommend those hopeless workers to drive their depression away by recycling 'themselves', that is by working for a voluntary organisation, taking part in neighbourhood associations or helping out as altar boys at mass. Excuse the cynicism, but this is a subject which stirs me up a little.'


'Early retirement is always perverse, against its etymology, as it makes age, something which should be the proudest part of anybody's curriculum vitae, into a defect. A humanistic concept of work denies man as the corner stone in the production process, however, the carnivorous system, which we have all exalted, relegates to a mere obsolete machine. I hope that one day we become ashamed for having caused this sordid discredit of Man.'



Juan Manuel de Prada -'ABC', 12-7-99